Please refer some questions of customers who visited our shop for the first time for nail work as follows.

Q:What is eyelash extension?

A.It is a special technique which helps [eyelashes become longer].

Q:How to do eyelash extension?

A.Connect artificial eyelashes with real eyelash, one by one, 1mm from the eye.

Q:How long are the extended eyelashes kept?

A.This depends on each customer, but for the extension of about half of eyelash, it can be kept naturally for 3 ~ 4 weeks.

Q:May I choose length, depth or curliness?

A.You will be given advice on bigness, length and curliness based on your own eyelash condition.

Q:My eyelashes grow downward, so can I have eyelash extension?

A.It is said that many Japanese people have thick and downward eyelashes. Except for those with reversely-growing eyelashes or too low eyelashes, most of people can have eyelash extension.

Q:If my eyelashes have been curled, may I have eyelash extension?

A.You cannot have extension right after eyelash curling because the extension surface becomes thin and fragile. In such case, eyelashes will become thin and not beautiful if extended. Depending on each case, normally eyelashes can be extended 3 months after curling.

Q:May I choose the style?

A.In addition to basic styles such as sexy style (long eye line), cute style (longest part in the middle), we will recommend suitable style for you. We will try to meet your demands as much as possible.

Q:What is the difference between individuals?

A.Each person has respective lifestyle, eyelash growing way, defects, hair cycle, and eyelash cleaning way. We will give specific advice and explanation to you.

Q:Do eyelashes fall down or cause hurt?

A.Eyelashes don’t fall down regardless of whether they are extended; however, there are cases in which fallen extension causes hurt due to use of glue (liquid glue) during extension. At our shop, we also focus on caring eyelashes by holding specialized treatment sessions, for example.

Q:Does eyelash extension cause hurt?

A.During and after extension, you will feel no hurt. However, there are exceptions in which you suffer from allergies. Those with discomforts after extending eyelash should go to our shop for a try.

Q:Can I wash my face at that time?

A.When you wash your face, you should not rub or clean strongly around eyes. It is recommended to use oil-free face cleanser. Please avoid direct contact with eyes or use water pressure in bathroom when washing face.

Q:Do I have to give special attention to daily activities?

A.The most important thing is to avoid rubbing, touching or pulling eyelashes. Gentle touches cannot make eyelashes broken, however repeated touches may make them fallen. In addition, please try to avoid sleeping with your eyes touching the pillow.

Q:Is it ok to extend short eyelashes?

A.They can be extended whether they are long or short. Our shop has many kinds of eyelashes with different lengths, thickness, and curliness, so please feel assured and contact us.

Q:Will my eyes get red or swollen?

A.It is said that, there are red or swollen eye cases relating to extension due to use of glue. For people with such allergies or hypersensitive skin, please check first at our shop. But please feel assured.

Q:Is glue (liquid glue) used at TRU safe?

A.In our industry, there are hundred kinds of glue (liquid glue) used, but so far many salons use safe glue. The one we use is very safe and within the therapeutic category. It should be noted that the glues used in salons for eyelash extension are different from each other.

Q:May I use mascara?

A.Using fiber mascara and waterproof mascara sold in the market will make extended eyelashes stick to each other and look terrible. When you wash your face, if you do not rub, mascara will not fall down. With repeated rubbing, extended eyelashes will fall down. Therefore, if you want to use mascara, please contact us for specialized extension which is suitable with mascara.

Q:May I use eyelash curler?

A.For extension, you cannot use eyelash curler. In case of hot curling, gentle pressing is acceptable. However, with eyelash curler, artificial eyelashes will be broken and not curl like initial. When giving advice on extension style, we will recommend you strong curling.

Q:How long does it take for eyelash extension?

A.For those who visit our shop for the first time, it takes about 1 hour including time for giving advice on style, extension time, and explanation about after-sales services. For details, please contact us.

Q:What is hair cycle?

A.Hair cycle refers to the hair change period. In case of eyelashes, its cycle is shorter than hair cycle, which is 1 month to 3 months. Eyelash loss is a natural process, not caused by extension. When eyelashes fall down due to hair cycle, it is the ideal time to extend.

Q:What if I want to remove eyelashes after extension?

A.If you want to remove the extended eyelashes, please come to our salon. We will use special tools to help you. If you try to do it by yourself, it might cause eyelash lost, broken or hurt.

Q:May I go to swimming pool, spa, or sauna after getting eyelash extension?

A.Yes, but if eyelashes get wet, please wipe them gently with cloth and dry them as soon as possible.

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