EYECOORDINATEEye coordination

[The first impression of a person is her eyes]
At TRU eyelash, with more than 100 different kinds of extensions, determining your balance of make-up face and normal face, defects, how eyelashes grow, and eye shape, we will offer you the most-suitable styles. Try gentle and natural extensions, making many people surprised using our extension kinds which are suitable with your eyes. We will “coordinate” them into beautiful and harmonious eyes which are beautiful at any angle.


In addition to the inevitable fact that all of our staff possess cosmetology license, many of our staff have Eye Coordinator certificates granted by NPOs. At Japan eyelash extension contest (JEEC) where there were many eyelists from all over the country, we won the second prize. At TRUeyelash, we set up strict internal rules so customers can feel assured with our extension services, and we hold training courses based on strict educational programs to ensure error-free technique. With regular provision of high technology, minimizing unnecessary work, all menus are done within 1 hour to save your precious time. In addition, we have equipped many state-of-the-art facilities so you can feel comfortable whenever you visit our shop before going out or after returning from work.


Are all of the glues (liquid glues) used at TRUeyelash all-Japanese products? Perhaps you have known the differences between products made in Japan and all-Japanese products. Despite being made in foreign countries, the products can be stated as made in Japan if labeled in the country. Glues used at TRUeyelash are all-Japanese products and made completely in Japan. We use safe materials with highest quality, containing fullerene (Nobel award winning ingredient) only, but not carbon as pigment. For eyelash extension, we just use sable hair. Visit us and experience surprising gentleness. Good and safe materials will be provided to you at reasonable costs.

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